Village of Masset

January-February 2016 Newsletter


Dog tags are due to be renewed

When licensing your dog you give all information including dogs name and how to reach you if he/she is picked up.

License Fees:

Neutered/Spayed: --------------------- $15.00

Non Neutered/Spayed:-------------- $40.00

Seniors:------------------------------------ $5.00

Renew:------------------------------------- $5.00

(No GST charged on tags)

Impound Fees:

Licensed---------------------------------- $10.00

Unlicensed------------------------------- $40.00

Daily-------------------------------------- $15.00

Dogs picked up by the Village of Masset will be placed in the dog pound. 



BC Property assessment notices

Keep your eyes open for the BC Property Assessment notices which will be in the mail early in January.  The assessment is based on July 1, 2015 market values.  For more information on how assessments are determined please contact 1-866-825-8322.  You can also get more information regarding this issue, online at 



Please be advised that any outstanding amounts on your utility ( water,sewer,garbage ) account as of December 31, 2014  have been transferred to your property taxes as arrears and will be accumulating interest.

2014 property tax amounts outstanding as of Dec. 31, 2014  have been transferred to arrears and will be accumulating interest. 



Keep your eye open for your Village of Masset Business License Billing Statement.  They will be in your mail within the next day or two.
If you no longer require one, please contact the office at 250-626-3995.


Installation of Fibre Optic lines

Gwaii Tel will be installing underground fibre optic lines within the Village of Masset.  Please use caution if you notice the work crew drilling under sidewalks or streets.  We will work with the contractor to minimize the disruptions to pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

If you have any questions or concerns in regards to the fibre optic installation, please contact the project manager, Mark Halwa at 250-342-4001
or e-mail,