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Business Directory

Air-conditioning & Heating:

Frick N'Cold Refrigeration
Ph: 250-626-5010

Horizon Heat Pumps (Installation & Service)
Ph: 250-626-9164

Don's Appliance Repair
Ph: 1-888-861-2233


Inland Air
Ph: 250-626-3225

Pacific Coastal, Masset Office
Ph: 250-626-3737 OR 1-800-663-2872

Artists & Galleries:

April White (Sgaana Jaad)
Ph: 250-626-6072

Haida Raven Gallery
Ph: 250-626-3979

Island Time Pottery
Ph: 250-626-5459

Seas the Day Flowers and Gifts
Ashley Currie
Ph: 250-808-2098
E-mail: seastheday@hotmail.ca

Debbie's Flowers
All occasions, call anytime
Ph: 250-922-4321
E-mail: czmt@live.com

Auto Body Work/Repairs:

Driftech Mechanical
Ph: 250-626-5181

TLC Automotive
Ph: 250-626-3756

On the Mark Services Ltd.
Ph: 250-626-7875

Bakers & Bakeries:

Haida Gwaii Consumers Co-operative
Ph: 250-626-3933


Northern Savings Credit Union
Ph: Masset, 250-626-5231
Head Office Prince Rupert: 250-627-7571

Barrister & Solicitor:

Andrea J. Turton
Ph: 866-689-0999

Meghan A. Wallace
Ph: 250-626-7026

Beauty & Health:

Sandy's Styling (Hair Salon)
Ph: 250-626-9384

Bed & Breakfast & Inns:

Alder Lodge (Masset Fishing Adventures)
Ph: 250-626-5299
Cell: 250-626-7250

An Island Haidaway (Guest House)
Ph: 1-855-424-3299

Christie Street Cabins
Ph: 250-626-3628

Copper Beech House
Ph: 250-626-5441

Echo Inn
Ph: 250-626-5151

Masset Hotel
Ph: 250-626-3388
E-mail massethotel@gmail.com

Gerry's Bed & Breakfast
Ph: 250-626-3544

Gwaii Naay Travelers Inn B & B
(wheelchair accessible)
Ph: 250-637-1414
E-mail: gwaiinaay@gmail.com

Masset Eagles Landing Guest House
ph: 250-626-7042
E-mail: masseteagleslanding@gmail.com

Naden Lodge
Ph: 250-626-3322

Northward Ocean Adventures Accomodation & Fishing Charters
Ph: 250-626-3548
E-mail: nohaidagwaii@gmail.com

QCI Vacation Homes
Ph: 250-661-3816
Toll Free: 1-888-743-0767
E-mail: visitqci@shaw.ca
Website: www.visitqci.com

Boats Charter & Rentals:

Escott Sportfishing Inc
Ph: 604-818-5106

Masset Fishing Adventures
Ph: 250-626-5299
Cell: 250-626-7250

Naden Charters
Ph: 250-626-3322

Northward Ocean Adventures Accomodations & Fishing Charters
Ph: 250-626-3548
Email: noahaidagwaii@gmail.com

Pacific Silver Fishing Adventure
Ph:  250-626-3242
Email: pacslvr@gmail.com

Wildfish Charters
Ph: 250-877-2546


CDC Contracting
Ph: 250-626-7200

Chown Enterprises (Locksmith)
Ph: 250-626-7208

Flying Spur Adventures (Contracting)
Ph: 250-626-5299

Martin's Construction
Ph: 250-557-2425

Masset Builders
Ph: 250-626-7766

Masset Services Heavy Duty Equipment Rentals
Ph: 250-626-3833

Lynn Dale Services
Bucket Truck Services/Pressure Wash/Arborist
Ph: 250-668-2480

Car Rentals:

Masset Car and Truck Rentals
Ph: 250- 626-7089

Car Wash:

Smiley's Handwash
Ph: 250-626-7159


Field's Store
Ph: 250-626-3733

Coffee Shops:

The Ground Gallery & Coffee
Ph: 250-626-5251

Computer & Equipment Dealer:

R&J Baker Company
Ph: 250-626-5474

Electrical Contractors:

Rootham Services Group Inc.
Ph: 250-626-3562

Fire Department:

Masset Volunteer Fire Department
Ph: 250-626-5511 (Emergency number)
Office 250-626-3334 (non-emergency msg.number)

Grocers & Supermarket:

Haida Gwaii Consumers Co-operative
Ph: 250-626-3933

Hardware Stores:

Haida Gwaii Consumers Co-operative
Ph: 250-626-3933
Fax: 250 626-3279

North Coast Supply/The Source
Ph: 250-626-5559


Northern Haida Gwaii Hospital
Ph: 250-626-4700
Emergency Only - Ph: 250-626-4711


Ph:  250-626-3711
Fax: 250-626-3701

Internet Service Provider:

Toll Free: 1-866-832-6020
Ph: 250-626-3994
Fax: 250-626-3941

IT Support:

Haida Gwaii IT

Laundry Service/Cleaning Service:

Eagle Laundry Service
Ph: 250-626-7159

Shine on Cleaning (commercial cleaning)
Ph: 250-626-9690

Liquor Store:

BC Liquor Store
Ph: 250-626-5111

Locks & Locksmith:

Chown Enterprises
Ph: 250-626-7208

Oil Gas Fuel:

Coastal Propane
Ph: 250-626-5068
Fax: 250-626-3218

North Arm Transportation Ltd
Sales and distribution of petroleum products.
Ph: 250-626-3328
Fax: 250-626-5026

TLC Automotive
Ph: 250-626-3756
Fax: 250-626-5575


Jack Litrell Photography
Complete photo service passport photos
Ph: 250-626-3436
E-mail: jack@litrell.com

Picture Framing:

Jack Litrell Photography
Custom picture framing and large selection of metal, wood, and matboards
Ph: 250-626-3436
E-mail: jack@litrell.com


RCMP Police Department
Ph: 250-626-3991

Post Office:

Canada Post Office
Masset Branch
Ph: 250-626-5155


Mile Zero Pub and Dining Room
Ph: 250-626-3210

Royal Canadian Legion
Ph: 250-626-3650

Recreation & Activities:

Masset Bikes
Bike Store & Outdoor Sporting Store
Ph: 250-626-8939
e-mail: Massetbikes@gmail.com

Dixon Entrance Golf & Country Club
Ph: 250-626-3500

Haida Gwaii Fitness Association (Weight Room & Fitness Equipment)
Ph: 250-626-5652

Haida Gwaii Recreation Commission
Ph: 250-626-5652

North Beach Surf Shop
Ph: 250-626-surf (7873)
e-mail northbeach@mhtv.ca

Hitching Post E-Bike Rentals
Ph: 604-349-0496
Toll Free: 1-855-354-1134


Mile Zero Pub and Dining Room
Ph: 250-626-3210

Charter's Restaurant
Ph: 250-626-3377

Golden P.A.M.
Ph: 250-626-3860

Tow Truck
Ph: 778-214-7465

The 626 Fish & Chipper
Ph: 250-626-7200
E-mail: the626masset@gmail.com                                                                                     

RV Parks & Campgrounds:

Hidden Island RV Park & Campground
Ph: 250-800-0250
Email: info@hidden-island-resort.ca
Web: http://hidden-island-resort.ca

Seafood Processing:

CB Island Fisheries
Ph: 250 626-5289
Fax: 250-626-5224

Haida Wild
Ph: 250-626-3848
Fax :250-626-3847
Email:  seapak@mhtv.ca

Sightseeing Tours:

Delkatla Bay Birding Tours
Ph: 250-626-5015
Email:  hecatebird@gmail.com


School District No. 50
Gudangaay Tlaats'gaa Naay Secondary School
Ph: 250-626-3226
Fax :250-626-5106

Tahayghen Elementary School
Ph: 250-626-5572


Mile Zero
Ph: 250-626-8999