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The Village of Masset
 PO Box 68
 Masset, BC V0T 1M0
 Street Address:  1686 Main Street
 Ph: 250-626-3995
 Fx: 250-626-3968 

 Email: vom@mhtv.ca
 Hours: Monday to Friday 9AM to 4PM

 Chief Administrative Officer - Trevor Jarvis E-mail vom@mhtv.ca
 Administrative Assistant - E-mail vomadmin@mhtv.ca
 Chief Financial Officer- Jo-Ann Brown E-mail cfo@mhtv.ca
 Financial Assistant- Diana Grosse E-mail vomub@mhtv.ca

Public Works Department

Ph: 250-626-3616

Fx: 250-626-3291 

Email: vompw@mhtv.ca

Masset Municipal Airport

Ph: 250-626-5100

Fx: 250-626-5107

Email: vom@mhtv.ca

Tourist Information

Ph: 250-626-3982

Fx: 250-626-3986

Email: cfo@mhtv.ca

Fire Chief’s Office
Micha Sakalauski

Ph: 250-626-3334