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Main Street Park to Pier

Main Street Vision and Action Plan

The Village of Masset has recently completed the development of a plan subtitled Park to Pier for revitalizing Main Street and incorporating development of a park space to the North end and the pier in the inlet at the South end.  The plan was developed with help from Urban Systems as a consulting firm who led the community engagement process to gather views from residents.  We thank all those that participated and especially those that joined our steering committee. 

The plan is very ambitious with an estimated budget to match, however as mentioned in the plan the implementation should be done in phases and done over an extended period of time.  The Village of Masset will be seeking external funding for this project through various grants that become available.  We look forward to seeing the elements of this plan implemented over time and the impacts that it will have on the community.

The completed plan can be accessed here: http://massetbc.com/images/uploads/pdfs/2022-05-17-Masset_Main_Street_Plan_AppendiciesOPTIMISED.pdf