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BC Hydro Appeal to all Residents December 19, 2022

Masset residents: please reduce electricity usage for the next 24 hours. The province-wide cold snap is having impacts on our system and we need your assistance to ensure electricity usage in your community remains as low as possible to reduce the risk of brownouts. Please reduce your usage of electrical appliances and utilities as much as possible during peak usage times, specifically the coming dinner preparation time later this afternoon and evening. Some suggestions: 1. If you have the option, heat with wood instead of electricity 2. Postpone doing hot water laundry for a couple of days 3. Reduce the thermostat setting by 2-3 degrees 4. Limit TV and computer usage 5. Share this message with your friends and family Crews are in motion to make changes and repairs that should have us back to normal later by tomorrow evening. BC Hydro greatly appreciates your patience and understanding as we deal with these important system issues.