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Trail Analysis Survey

The Haida Gwaii Protocol Table, with leadership representation from all communities, has established a Trail Sub-committee to foster well-being and a strong economy through a coordinated approach to improving Haida Gwaii’s trail networks. Stakeholders can achieve greater success through a collaborative approach within a common framework.


The Trail Sub-Committee is focused on:

Improving collaboration among stakeholders
Enhancing sustainability of Haida Gwaii’s trails
Enhancing the trail experience
Fostering well-being and a strong economy through trails 

The Trails Sub-Committee is requesting Haida Gwaii residents to complete a trail survey to determine what users are looking for based on information and feedback related to usage to better facilitate trails management.  Data from the trails survey can aid when submitting funding requests or applying for grants to support the development of new trails, or the maintenance and upgrading of existing trails.  


Please share your trail experiences on Haida Gwaii by clicking on the following link to take you to the trail survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HGTrails


We appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey and sharing it with your Haida Gwaii contacts.  Haawa | Haw’aa | Thank you