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Masset 2040: Integrated Official Community Plan

Project Update

Thanks to all community and advisory committee members who provided feedback on the first draft of Masset’s Integrated Official Community Plan! The $100 Co-op gift card was won by an individual who provided input using the online questionnaire.

The revised draft IOCP is being presented at the November 13 th Council meeting, and a public hearing will be held at the November 27th meeting.

The plan includes policies about our parks, beaches, neighbourhoods, commercial core area and more – and it will guide Village decision-making for the next 10+ years!

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What Is An IOCP?

The Village of Masset is developing an Integrated Official Community Plan (IOCP), which will provide the long-term vision and goals for the future our community, as well as the policies and priorities for how we begin to create that future.

It will become our community’s highest level policy and decision-making tool that can be applied to all levels of decisions and other planning. It will guide our community for the next 10+ years.

How will the IOCP be developed?

The plan will be developed by the community, with guidance from the Village and the Whistler Centre for Sustainability. The community will be engaged in developing the vision, goals and policy directions for the plan, identifying action ideas for implementation, and then reviewing the draft plan, which will include the IOCP policies. Public engagement will include both in-person and online opportunities. A project advisory committee, made up of community members with the necessary knowledge and skills, will provide input to the development of the plan along the way.

Stay connected

Project updates and input opportunities will be communicated through these channels. Please stay connected!

More about the IOCP

The policies will direct the decisions made by the Village of Masset municipal government, but the vision, goals and priorities will be developed by and for the community – all residents, businesses and organizations in Masset can contribute to developing them and making them happen.

Sustainability principles will be integrated into the plan such that we are planning for the health and success of our community for generations to come. Further, a system for tracking and reporting performance toward (or away from) our vision and goals will also be included in the plan so we know how we’re doing year after year.

The plan is comprehensive, and will cover all community systems as follows:

  • Land Use and Natural Areas, including: growth management, protection of natural areas, resource management, natural hazards
  • Residential Areas and Housing, including:  neighbourhood character, housing types and affordability
  • Commercial and Industrial Areas, including: economic development, jobs, skills, training, and commercial and industrial land, downtown core, tourism
  • Infrastructure Systems, including: energy, transportation, water, waste, technology
  • Recreation, Culture and Learning, including: recreation, arts, culture, heritage, learning and education, including the outdoor and indoor facilities that support these activities
  • Individual and Community Health, including: individual health (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), community safety, food security, social wellbeing

Project Timeframe

The project will take place over the course of a year, between summer 2016 and fall 2017.

Project Funding

Our application for project funding from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) was successful! The FCM grant will fund half of the IOCP development costs, and the final IOCP will mean the Village will be eligible for future funding through the FCM ‘Green Municipal Fund’ grant program.


If you have any thoughts, questions or concerns about this project, please contact:

Trevor Jarvis, CAO               Shannon Gordon
Village of  Masset                   Whistler Centre for Sustainability
vom@mhtv.ca                        sgordon@whistlercentre.ca

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